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IT Production model transformation

Within CA-CIB Capital Markets IT, as part of the transformation of Agility at scale led by Alenia, we have designed the operating model of Build and Run organizations unification as an essential milestone for a better alignment on business lines, reinforcing production practices through training, coaching and mentoring.

1100 people Including 300 support engineers now working closely with their project team aligned to a single business line.
695 applications worldwide under the supervision of 12 support leaders and a 4 people Run Control Tower.
What matters most, what our clients said about the mission
« It’s a great pleasure to work with you, because we know that we will advance on projects without the need to closely follow them »
Head of Capital Market IT Production

Our client's main pain point?

An Agile@scale transformation is launched within the IS department and embedding the Business which requires a merge of both Run and Build organizations.

The challenges

  • Maturity of the Stakeholders, on Production and Tribe lead
  • Transformation of an organization that previously faced failed transformations
  • Pivot from a control-based management to a trust-based one

What we achieved

  • Unification of Build & Run IT organizations
  • Design and co-build of Target Operating Models aligned on different Front-to-back chains
  • Reinforcement of Production practices through Training, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Definition of a customized maturity framework

The outcomes

  • Better organized IT teams in front of each Business line managing both their Build and Run activities
  • Stronger and standardized production practices driven by a central IT Run gatekeeper
  • More skilled and agile Support leaders within the Tribes
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