A tribe of United and Supportive IT Consultants

What looks more like an IT consultant than another IT consultant?
Certainly not an Alenia consultant. We are as expert as the best, but our recipe is our own. Here are some excerpts.

Our purpose
Growing together and transforming ways of working for a better tomorrow.
Our mission
We create tailored solutions and strive to be THE consulting company you want to work for or to work with.
Our vision
We will build together pride, happiness and sustainability in our organisations.
We work to become the best version of ourselves.
We embrace the right to express our individuality and value emotional intelligence.
We act with empathy and benevolence, and we measure our impact with clients  by lasting positive changes.
We develop our expertise  with our partners based on strong convictions counterbalanced with our humility.
We promote sustainability  while growing and operating to reduce our impact on the environment.
We are a global, united, and supportive tribe. Our diversity is our strength.

A fantastic team

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And it all shows in our numbers!

Evolution of Alenia Consultants

By the way, have you been told the story of Alenia?

Fondateurs d'Alenia

Alenia's story is a story of friendship and the dream of building something different.

At the start, there was Marjane, Aimery and Marc-Antoine, friends for more than ten years. After great careers in large structures, we were ready to evolve. We felt a need for freedom, a desire to be on the ground again with clients and a desire to offer clients and consultants a more agile, creative and collective intelligence-based way of working.

We wanted to offer consultants better sharing of added value, real career paths, but also a friendly environment where people enjoy doing their job. Joining Alenia means offering customers excellent service, while having fun and exploring new ways of doing things.

To our customers, we wanted to offer more human, personalized and flexible support.We felt it was the right time: the stars were aligned and there was no better team to start this new adventure.

Every day, at Alenia, we are happy to help our customers find pleasure in their organizations and reveal their potential.

L'histoire d'Alenia

Alenia, a name that symbolizes our values: commitment, modesty, humility, leadership

As a human-based company, a very tech name or a name referring only to technology, even if it is our main expertise, seemed reductive.

Alenia was a woman who lived in the Berber Atlas Mountains. She is not a celebrity or a well-known figure… She is an everyday hero, a dedicated, humble woman who did not seek fame or the spotlight. One day, Alenia found herself having to take care of a young orphan. For him, she sacrificed everything: she felt it was her duty. She was someone who did her job and did it well, in all modesty. Thanks to her, a beautiful generation has been able to grow and go far beyond what it could have imagined.

Alenia represents all these values ​​that are important to us: commitment, modesty, humility, leadership... And we are honored to have her lend us her name.

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