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Operating model transformation: Santander CIB

In 2019, Santander CIB's IT teams launched a transformation of their model to switch to Agility at scale. But initially only the Project / studies teams were involved in this transformation.
Alenia was therefore asked in early 2020 to adapt the organizational model to the Application Support and Infrastructure teams.

40% reduction in the volume of major incidents in 1 year. 400% increase in application change delivery velocity.
Training of 115 people and coaching/mentoring of 12 people.
What matters most, what our clients said about the mission
« We love working with Alenia, we believe in the work you do. We don’t have to explain to you how we work as you already know market principles »
Head of Run Production Governance

Our client's main pain point ?

The Application Production and Infrastructure teams were positioned in a silo, apart from the development teams. The transformation of agility at scale and the realignment of teams in business value chains required a transformation of the model. As well as a reinforcement of the Application Production expertise throughout the organization.

The challenges

  • At the start, an organization very geographically and culturally distributed
  • Multiple transformations operated in parallel: Agility at scale, Application Production, DevOps, Data

What we achieved

  • Delivery of a 360 degree diagnosis and a benchmark against competitors
  • Co-construction of a detailed operating model including new roles and aligned governance
  • Co-construction of a specific model to improve the interface between the Head Office in Madrid and the different regions
  • Gradual deployment of this model via the integration of Support resources into the Development teams and the establishment of a Production Supervision team
  • Co-construction of a reference framework for Application Production practices
  • Implementation of an extensive training, coaching and mentoring program for key players
  • Deployment of a business chain support approach through the implementation of service levels, monitoring and specific supervisory roles

The outcomes

  • A concrete and precise operating model co-constructed with the teams
  • Progressive change management, validated through regular stages
  • A significant strengthening of the partnership between Application Production and the Development teams - but also with the Business
  • The establishment of a structure dedicated to managing IT risks
  • Securing the impacts of Application Projects on the stability of Production
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