Alenia, Best Workplace Experience 2022 for Speak & Act

Alenia, a company where life is good!

Alenia Consulting, best workplace experience 2022 by Speak and Act

With a score of 4.73/5, Alenia Consulting has been named Best Workplace Experience 2022 by Speak & Act and takes 2nd place in the 2022 ranking!

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  • 99% of our employees are satisfied with the quality of relations with their colleagues (collaboration, listening, accessibility, benevolence...) within their company,
  • 98% believe that their management encourages them in their actions and initiatives,
  • and 93% are satisfied with their missions.

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This result did not come from nowhere. Aimery Duriez-Mise, one of Alenia's three co-founders, talks about Alenia's values and how the team has managed to make them a reality on a daily basis. We can't resist the temptation to give you a few selected pieces (but don't let that stop you from reading it in its entirety, it's really inspiring)

"After years of frustration in large groups, we wanted to be able to look in the mirror every morning and be proud of what we had built. It may sound naive, but fundamentally it changes a lot."
"When we compared our corporate objectives with the values we had formalized, we realized that some values were not integrated. We then modified our corporate objectives accordingly."
"With the acceleration of our growth, we had to rethink our internal processes: recruitment, integration, managerial relations, and management of individual and collective objectives. On each of these processes, our values served as a guide to ensure that our practices were well aligned with who we wanted to be."


Marjane Mabrouk, CEO of Alenia adds about these 2022 results:

The results of this Speak & Act survey make me very proud, especially on the men/women aspect that is very important to me. When I founded Alenia, I was pregnant with my second son and I wanted this company to be a place where our female employees could live their femininity (as mothers, wives, friends) and evolve serenely. It's one thing to say it, but it must be done. A few concrete examples at Alenia: we have 40% women when our sector is 30%, there is no difference in salary between men and women, we hire pregnant employees, and we do not discriminate against women returning from maternity leave by cutting their bonus or their salary increase.

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Alenia Consulting, best workplace experience 2022 by Speak and Act


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