Application Production Tour, the founders explain everything

Marjane Mabrouk and Aimery Duriez-Mise tell us all about the event of the fall.

Marjane Mabrouk and Aimery Duriez-Mise present the Alenia Production Tour

Alenia is launching the first edition of the Alenia Production Tour on October 13 in Paris. Why this event, what topics will be covered, who are the speakers... Marjane Mabrouk and Aimery Duriez-Mise, two of the three co-founders explain everything in this interview. 

Marjane, Aimery hello! Why did you create this event?

Aimery Duriez-Mise (ADM) - Hello! We created it for three reasons. First, we are the leading company for application production in the IT world, which gives us the necessary legitimacy. 

Secondly, because today there is no similar event in France or in Europe that we know of (and even beyond, we haven't found one yet). There are obviously events around DevOps, infrastructure and even ITSM type tools. But there is no forum for discussion, exchange, construction and sharing, focused on application production. So it seemed obvious, and high time that it be organized. 

Marjane Mabrouk (MM) - And the third reason is to highlight the specialists in these professions who often remain in the shadows...

ADM - These professions do not particularly allow much networking, so many in the field don't know each other very well, if at all. Since there is no real network between managers of this expertise, this is an opportunity to start networking, even though we've already started in other ways at Alenia. The Alenia Production Tour will be an opportunity for people of this field to meet, discuss and have a good time as well.

What topics will be covered?

MM - The conference themes cover current major issues in application production. We have grouped them into three main topics.

The first is technological developments and their impact on application production management. We will discuss the cloud and data from functional, technical, organizational and process points of view.

The second is how to bring more value to our customers' businesses via the information that production gives us.

And the third subject, which comes up often, is how to apply transformation and Agility-At-Scale to the operational model of application production.

In detail, it goes like this:

  • Service Level Agreements: "When IT services and production support business needs
  • Monitoring & observability: "And you thought you were monitoring your production!
  • Organization & people: "Maximize the effectiveness of your support team!
  • Data driven production: "Take your IT Production to the next level thanks to data insights"
  • Production & new technologies: "Is this the end of application support?

How did you choose the speakers?

ADM - We are very proud to have succeeded in gathering some of the biggest French players in the banking, insurance and energy sectors. They will be coming from France but also from London and Madrid, specifically for this event.

We chose them because they are key players in the field, people who are emblematic of their profession or their sector.

MM - They are the dream team of speakers. We are very, very happy with the quality of the speakers and that they have agreed to speak at the Alenia Production Tour!

ADM - We brought together the right specialists. We tried to find people with convictions on this subject and who live it on a daily basis, not theorists. There are experts, decision-makers at strategic levels. These are people who have their hands in the dirt or who have teams in the thick of it. We also have some pure technology experts, who are partners like Google and publishers.

The conferences are co-hosted with Alenia experts. To bring our vision, our touch, and challenge the speaker(s). 

Who is this event for?

ADM - The Alenia Production Tour is for everyone in this field. The people on the ground who live in application production every day. Experts who have been in the field for years and who have made their mark. Managers, managers of managers, strategic managers. And then a few hand-picked partners.

MM - And the CIOs too, of course. Application production is really the tip of the iceberg for an IT department. When it doesn't work, everyone sees it. Our aim is to bring together decision-makers, experts and operators. It is therefore aimed at CIOs, operational management and operational staff: problem managers, application support, SRE DevOps engineers, infrastructure engineers, etc.

What will take place during this event?

MM - After and between our expert speakers, we have planned a balanced mix of feedback from the field, debates to compare different approaches to certain problems, and free time for discussion. 

ADM - And of course we will network!

Is this a paid event?

ADM - No, for the first time we wanted to bring together as many people as possible and Alenia is covering all the costs.

MM - It's not but it's by invitation because the number of places is limited. So if you haven't already done so, go ahead and register!

This event is called the Application Production Tour 2022: does this mean that there will be several editions and that there will be a tour?

MM - This is the first event and we look forward to many more afterwards!

ADM - It is important for us that there is an international dimension. It is already true with our guests.  In the future it will translate into editions in London, in Madrid, and who knows where else! 

A word in conclusion?

ADM - We've been in this business for 20 years, 20 years we've been saying to ourselves that this kind of event should exist. And as we didn't know it was impossible, we just did it ourselves. ;) 

MM - We have already received very positive feedback from the speakers, the guests and the staff! So, we are very excited to bring you this event and look forward to meeting all of you to network and share insights and advice!

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Marjane Mabrouk and Aimery Duriez-Mise present the Alenia Production Tour


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