One mission = two trees planted

Because every gesture matters and we love this symbol of strong collaboration with our customers.

Mario Chebli

For each new mission we win, we plant two trees. Rather, each consultant and their client each plant a tree in the Alenia Forest. Without even getting your hands dirty. Indeed, to cancel our CO2 footprint, we have launched a partnership with Tree-Nation and support reforestation projects all over the world.

Each consultant when he is on a mission, increases his CO2 footprint, via his computer or the transport of his home to the customer. CO2 emissions are one of the main causes of global warming. Trees have a fundamental role in balancing oxygen and CO2 levels.

With galloping deforestation, the rate of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere is increasing, with devastating effects on the planet. Rise in the average temperature leading to rising sea levels, and warming of the oceans leading to the extinction of certain species.

At Alenia, we feel the duty to reduce our CO2 emissions.

To find out more about our concrete commitments towards sustainable development.


Mario Chebli

Business Analyst

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