Data platform and the journey to Production: a success story
Oct. 5th, 2023 • 3.15PM - 4.00PM
Conference room Latécoère (2nd floor)
This conference will be held in English.
In a nutshell
Discover the art of designing and executing a data project in close partnership with business stakeholders to construct a transformative ecosystem that embodies the truth.

We will take you on a journey that spans from development to production support of this shared platform, supported by significant change management effort. The platform has become an indispensable tool for meeting daily operational, compliance, and accounting requirements at the group level. It seamlessly orchestrates the flow of data, originating from local sources, through central storage, and undergoing rigorous validation before being propagated to downstream applications.
The speakers
Ana Teresa Navarro
Ana Teresa Navaro
Head of Data Delivery, ALD Automotive
  • Ana has 13 years of experience in data processing and analysis, with a proven track record in critical sectors such as banking, transport, and energy. She embarked on her journey as a Business Analyst within ALD's central data team and now spearheads the department responsible for consolidating data from all countries for group reporting.
  • As the leader of the central platform, she navigated the challenge of reshaping the IS strategy, crucial to steer clear of technical obsolescence and align with the dynamic business landscape dictated by the market.
  • Ana has dedicated her leadership skills to transform European and Asian teams while harnessing the power of data as a strategic asset within the organisation.
Gabriel Cubas
Gabriel Cubas
Technical Leader, ALD Automotive
  • Gabriel has more than 6 years of experience in data modeling and exploitation, with a strong background in Big Data solutions, including the digital journey to enhance customer experience.
  • With prior experience as a data consultant, Gabriel started his journey at ALD as a Data Business Analyst. He now stands as the Technical Lead of the Data Delivery Department, spearheading data integration efforts, including the centralization of all data inputs, master data normalization, and 24/7 business support.
  • As the Technical Leader of the central platform, he orchestrates the transformation plan for the decentralised software factory based in India while ensuring minimal business disruption throughout this process.
  • Gabriel has dedicated his technical skills to translate strategic initiatives from the drawing board into actionable reality, thanks to his 'make it happen' approach.
Alvaro Aullo
Álvaro Aulló
Data Leader, Alenia Spain
  • Álvaro brings over five years of experience to the table, specializing in data projects that bridge the gap between technical and business requirements.
  • As a data professional, he has been a driving force in the HR data transformation tribe within a fintech company pre-IPO and contributed to the data strategy of a legaltech startup.
  • Currently, Álvaro is immersed in his role at ALD, actively involved in the integration process with LeasePlan, where he delivers data solutions to a diverse array of stakeholders.
Jose Carlos Lozano
José Carlos Lozano
Senior Data Analyst, Alenia Spain
  • With extensive experience in data analysis, Jose Carlos excels in transforming data into actionable insights. 
  • He has honed his skills across various sectors, including fintech, where he automated intricate revenue reporting systems and facilitated cross-departmental collaboration, enabling data-driven decisions.
  • Currently, he works as a Senior Data Analyst at ALD Spain, serving as a communication liaison between multiple countries. Jose Carlos combines his business acumen and technical expertise to provide practical solutions that lead to valuable results.
What we'll discuss
Mastering the integration of data from over 50 disparate sources is an enduring challenge. Not only data needs to be available for both internal and external users, but regulatory data quality must be achieved as well. In a world bound by legacy on-premises systems and processes, achieving both precision and agility seems like an impossible target. The logical path forward for companies dealing with massive amounts of data is to embark on a journey toward a hybrid Cloud ecosystem.

Join us as our speakers guide you through the journey from on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud and the hurdles they encountered along the way. These obstacles include establishing a universally accepted golden source, dismantling silos, aligning diverse strategies, and much more. Along the way ALD managed to achieve a remarkable reduction in costs, accelerate time-to-market, and create more robust data pipelines to empower data-driven decision-making within the business teams.

During our conference, we will delve into such topics as:
  • The pivotal role of hybrid platforms in data-driven projects
  • Strategies for instilling trust in a universally accepted source of truth
  • The undeniable significance of business relevance as the cornerstone of every data initiative
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!