Enhancing production practices: insights from high-pressure professions
Oct. 5th, 2023 • 12.30PM - 1.15PM
Conference room Latécoère (2nd floor)
This conference will be held in English.
In a nutshell
Have you ever wondered what anesthesiologists and application support specialists have in common? How do fundamental principles of crisis management apply to situations in an operating room, airplane cockpit, or on the trading floor?

The Alenia Prod Tour embodies the idea of breaking boundaries and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to broaden perspectives and gain inspiration.

Join us for this groundbreaking roundtable discussion, where we will hear from an Intensive Care Unit anesthesiologist, who will delve into the management of expertise, know-how, processes, and crises within the high-pressure environment of an operating room. Additionally, we will gain valuable insights from an amateur airline pilot, whose experiences in risk management offer fascinating lessons applicable across various domains.
The speakers
Dr Nejma Mabrouk-Zerguini
Dr Nejma Mabrouk-Zerguini
Anesthesiologist – Intensive Care Specialist, Foch Hospital
  • Dr Mabrouk-Zerguinni, drawing from her anesthesia experience, will shed light on the precise coordination, effective planning, and fluid communication required to ensure patient safety while delivering essential care.
  • Her profession places her in high-pressure and life-critical situations, where every decision and every second count, much like in certain IT environments.
Amine Amali
Amine Amali
Production Specialist, Alenia
  • Amine brings 13 years of experience in application production within the investment banking sector. Currently engaged in a transformation mission at Société Générale, he has collaborated with several banks throughout his career.
  • His multidimensional approach offers a holistic perspective, aligning business objectives with best IT practices.
What we'll discuss
Whether in an operating room, airplane cockpit, or managing production on a trading floor, the core challenges remain strikingly similar: ensuring safety, optimizing processes, and nurturing efficient collaboration. With our diverse panel of experts, we will explore common ground and valuable lessons each sector can offer the others.

Key topics will include:
  • Identifying the similarities and differences in team management across these three domains, and strategies for transitioning from a team of experts to an expert team.
  • Emphasizing the significance of organization and processes in ensuring smooth operations.
  • Demonstrating how tools, methods, and practices from each sector can inspire and benefit others.
Join us for this enlightening discussion that promises to bridge the knowledge gap between seemingly disparate fields, unveiling universal principles of effective crisis management and operational excellence.
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!