Observability: keys to successful integration
Oct. 5th, 2023 • 12.30PM - 1.15PM
Conference room Empire (2nd floor)
This conference will be held in English.
In a nutshell
After delving into the definition of observability and associated tooling during the previous Alenia Production Tour, this year we will address the challenges and opportunities organizations encounter when striving to effectively integrate observability into their processes and organizational culture.

Observability extends beyond the adoption of technical tools; it encompasses organizational, cultural, and governance aspects as well.

We are here to discuss essential questions such as: How can you instill a culture of observability within your company? How can you align the needs of users with those of development and operations teams? Are new roles and positions necessary? What are the challenges related to managing the vast volumes of data generated by observable systems?

We hope this discussion will inspire practical ideas and strategies that you can apply within your own organizational context.
The speakers
Alejandro Romero
Alejandro Romero
Observability Expert, Santander
  • As the Head of the Observability team at Santander, Alejandro Romero brings advanced expertise in managing IT observability to enhance system performance and ensure an optimal client experience.
  • With previous experience as an observability leader in the neobanking sector with Orange, Alejandro has acquired in-depth knowledge of the technologies and best practices required to ensure the smooth operation of systems in an ever-evolving environment.
  • Alejandro is recognized for his ability to tackle complex observability challenges, align operational practices with strategic goals, and foster innovation in the observability field.
Henri Gomez
Henri Gomez
Cloud Advisor, Wescale
  • Henri Gomez offers a unique dual perspective as a former SRE lead at Doctolib, a leading digital healthcare company, and as a Cloud integration specialist.
  • As a former SRE lead at Doctolib, Henri gained invaluable expertise in managing the reliability of critical digital healthcare systems. His role involved ensuring the availability and performance of essential online services for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • With his experience as a Cloud integration specialist, Henri possesses a profound understanding of modern Cloud solutions and how they can be implemented to optimize infrastructure and digital services.
Mickael Wozniak
Mickael Wozniak
Principal Solution Engineer, Dynatrace
  • Through his role at Dynatrace, one of the market's leading tools for observability, Antoine has in-depth knowledge of the most advanced observability technologies. This enables him to provide strategic advice to companies seeking to optimize their IT operations.
  • Antoine leverages his experience to assist organizations in maximizing the benefits of observability solutions.
Franck Pegand
Franck Pegand
Production & Monitoring Expert, Alenia
  • Franck brings a wealth of experience to the table, boasting two decades of involvement in corporate and investment banking. Over the years, he has excelled in various roles, including integrator, release manager, and IT project manager.
  • In his current capacity, Franck undertakes the responsibility of managing diagnostic and transformation missions for IT teams. Additionally, he leverages his expertise to provide coaching and guidance to Control Tower teams, assisting them in optimizing their operations.
  • Franck is also a trusted advisor who specializes in data-driven decision-making strategies. He focuses on enhancing the operational efficiency of IT teams and shaping the behavior of Information Systems, with a particular emphasis on Observability.
What we'll discuss
To explore the various facets of observability implementation that can prove complex and transformative for our practices, we will address the following questions:
  • Is observability limited to technology, or does it impact our entire organization?
  • Are we witnessing the emergence of new roles led by teams with specialized expertise?
  • SRE teams are often mentioned; what are the differences and interactions between those responsible for observability and those overseeing SRE practices?
  • How do we measure the maturity of observability practices?
  • How should we scale observability (technology, practices, data, ...)?
Our experts will allow us to explore different perspectives: that of a tool provider and a user of monitoring and observability solution, as well as that of an observability specialist in both Cloud and non-Cloud environments, whether you are building from scratch or dealing with substantial existing infrastructure. This diversity should help you envision your own use cases, and we hope it will invigorate our discussions during this session.
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!