Alenia's 360° diagnostic approach in two minutes.

Alenia's new offer for tribe managers and CIOs.

Khouloud Mnasser
Khouloud Mnasser, 360° Diagnostic leader at Alenia

Khouloud Mnasser, IT Transformation Leader, introduces us to Alenia's new offering for tribes managers and CIOs: the 360° diagnostic.

How did you come up with this offer?

This offer is the result of an observation: tribes managers and CIOs lack an overall vision of the many challenges their teams are facing.

On the one hand, the business is complaining about the quality of service delivered by IT teams that does not meet its expectations, delivery times and SLAs that are not respected, unstable production with an ever-increasing volume of incidents, a lack of responsiveness on the part of the support teams and unclear communication.

On the other hand, a high turnover in IT teams leads to a loss of expertise, an exponential workload and skills concentrated on a few people. Unclear business processes and a sometimes non-existent testing strategy create frustration within teams and silos between them.

We are confronted with these challenges on a daily basis at our clients' sites and we have experienced them in our previous professional lives as operational staff. To address them, it is essential to have a global vision that tribal managers and CIOs often lack.

This is precisely what Alenia's 360° diagnostic offers.

I would like to add that this diagnosis allows us to get tired and/or unmotivated tribes back on track. A successful assessment gives them a new sense of purpose and direction.

What does this offer consist of?

To remedy all these problems, we need to start by defining a starting point and a precise action plan. The objective of the 360° diagnostic is to give tribe managers and their CIOs a clear vision of the strengths of their teams that can motivate change and launch the dynamic. It allows them to identify the real problems that need to be addressed and build an action plan with tactical and strategic solutions.

The vision we provide is multidimensional: Build, design, steering, team, organization, transformation, Board, IT risk management... we look at everything that our clients consider important.

Who is this offer aimed at?

This offer is aimed at tribes with between 40 and 120 people. We deliberately target "small" teams to bring more business value and more proximity to the teams.

We can also diagnose up to 3 or 4 tribes at the same time within the same perimeter to give CIOs visibility and help them build a precise but global roadmap.

This offer does not exist on the market. The big consulting firms are targeting teams of 1000 - 1500 people. There is a real gap today that we are filling.

What are Alenia's strengths?

We have built a solid framework that allows us to assess the maturity of the tribes. We position experts recognized by the market on each of the dimensions we analyze. These specialists can be in a discipline such as IT risk management or SRE and/or in a domain such as the banking sector.

Our consultants are first and foremost experts. When they come to a tribe, they try to understand and help. For example, by sitting next to the Business Analyst and immersing ourselves in his role and his pain points. This creates a different relationship: there is no longer the feeling of being audited but of being accompanied and helped. It's very different.

On 100% of the missions where we have implemented this offer, we have succeeded in reconciling IT and the business. It's not a coincidence, it's the Alenia touch!

Khouloud Mnasser, 360° Diagnostic leader at Alenia

Khouloud Mnasser

IT Transformation Leader

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