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Khouloud Mnasser
Alenia Referent

Khouloud Mnasser

IT transformation leader with a passion for helping others achieve their potential.
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Present-day challenges faced by IT organisations combine ever-changing customer expectations, new constraints and new competitors.

The result is rising cost pressures, multiple objectives, and a strong complexity to match business needs and IT management expectations. These problematics can be worsened in case of team acquisition, merger, transfer, or extension.

Our 360° diagnostic approach brings concrete and pragmatic answers to build trust, transparency and partnership between IT and Business.

3 CIB tribe transformed
Relation between business and IT improved

Why a 360° diagnostic  offer?

Our offer is focused on IT Tribes, a consistent group of 40 to 120 IT people. Tribes without the right operating model and organisational design often experience the following challenges:

  • Operational inefficiencies as people are wasting effort in areas not aligned with the Business strategic plan
  • Ambiguity around accountabilities, roles and responsibilities, slowing the decision-making process
  • Low interaction and integration between Tribe members and functional areas, as it is unclear to people how they should cross these implicit boundaries
  • Increased or sustained operating risks due to the absence of clear principles, roles, responsibilities, and processes

We created an approach that will help you increase 7 key areas of your organization by assessing and building with your teams a sustainable improvement roadmap.

The 360° diagnostic will help you in defining a clear starting point, having a clear health assessment of your team to :

  • Deliver the strategy that was defined
  • Boost your tribe performance
  • Adapt to changing conditions
  • Change the trajectory of your business
  • Improve coordination and decision-making
  • Improve risk management

The key points of Alenia’s offer

Our objective is to help you defining a clear starting point, implementing a sustainable improvement roadmap on painful areas, and creating actionable insights to generate business value.
To achieve that, we accompany you in the following areas that you can customize following your priorities:

  • Operate your IT System
  • Design your IT System
  • Build your IT system
  • Steer your project
  • Manage your workforce and financials
  • Retain people and skills required
  • Drive your organisation

Why Alenia?

  • We diagnose your level of maturity through a specific assessment methodology
  • We align IT Teams’ focus with business priorities thanks to a specific process mapping approach
  • We help you in performing efficient and sustainable Design, Build and Production activities

Alenia's touch

  • Our mixed approach based on tactical actions in addition to the strategic ones, allows you to get quick win results while achieving the mid and long-term successes
  • Our advisory agile based methodology delivers frequent value, bring transparency and regular review on priorities
  • Our consultants with proven operational experience in a similar environment to yours, understand your constraints and share your ambitions
  • Alenia follow-up intervention measures new maturity after a given period following actions implementation (Recommended period: + 6 month)

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