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Mario Chebli
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Mario Chebli

Passionate about ecological issues and their IT declination - Animator of the climate fresco.
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Climate change is a reality. And yet in the daily life of IT teams, this challenge rarely translates into direct and impactful actions. Do you want to initiate a Green IT transformation? Do you want to unite the multiple initiatives already launched within your organization to accelerate this march towards responsible digital?

We assist you with a structured approach to co-construct a detailed operational action plan and articulate it with business priorities.  

This is the projected increase in IT-related carbon emissions by 2040.
It is the necessary reduction in greenhouse gases in the world to limit the increase in global temperature below 2°C by 2100.
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Why a Green IT offer?

We believe our approach bring tangible benefits to IT organizations:

1. Commitment of your collaborators

  • Reinforce the sense of belonging and motivate employees committing into the most important challenge of the 21st century
  • Retain talents in a context where firms which are not Green oriented are criticized

2. Positive image and external communication

  • Attract new clients sensitive to green initiatives undertaken by the company
  • Attract new collaborators and talents for whom ecology has become an overarching non-negotiable priority

3. Financial savings

  • Optimizing the use of its IS to reduce its ecological footprint also generates financial gains by reducing application costs
  • While building a resilient business model, the company adapts itself to upcoming constraints resulting from climate change

The key points of Alenia’s offer

We provide a structured, adaptive and pragmatic approach to reduce your activity carbon footprint, depending which stage you’re at :

  • Assess & Measure, your department/company carbon footprint to fix a starting point
  • Design & Quantify, your targets aligned with your company global ambitions
  • Define & Structure, your action plan and timeline to reach your objectives
  • Boost & Support, your teams in the action plan delivery and its anchoring

Why Alenia?

At Alenia, our first and main focus is to deliver a positive impact on our environment. leveraging people and maximizing their value.

That’s why we think our mission is to support our client in finding their way in contributing to this most needed effort.

Our Green IT expertise and our transformation methodology allow us to offer a pragmatic, targeted and effective approach to our clients given their specific context.

Alenia's touch

We’re convinced that each layer of an organization must be empowered to lead this crucial transformation and that employees’ commitment will make the difference to deliver a structural, in-depth and structural transformation.

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