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Fabien Dussaucy

Expert in large-scale IT project portfolio management.
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How do you ensure your portfolio of IT activities brings the maximum value to your organization? How do you ensure your operating model is the most efficient? How do you ensure a good level of communication between IT and their business? The CIO Office is the cornerstone between the business, IT and finance teams to serve your company's strategy.

Our methodology brings concrete and pragmatic answers to increase trust, transparency and partnership between IT and Business.

90% reduction in IT portfolio review load.
Divide by 2 the time needed to develop the budget

Why a CIO Office Offer?

CIOs face several stakeswhen supporting their business

  • Meet evolving business, regulatory, CSR needs and respond quickly to new priorities
  • Increase business centricity and shift from a project mode to a product organization
  • Better steer financials investments, while always finding new levers of cost reduction, and ensure alignment with business and IT strategies

The key points of Alenia’s CIO Office offer

  • We evaluate your level of maturity through a specific assessment methodology and provide a benchmark with main competitors
  • We align IT Teams focus with strategic vision thanks to a specific OKR (Objectives Key Results) approach
  • We align financials and portfolio objectives
  • We define a consistent and scalable Information system, reviewing roles, processes, data and tools

Why Alenia?

Our team gathers experts on 2 complementary CIO Office skillset:

  • Project/Program managers, portfolio managers and PMO with an advanced expertise on steering and reporting on IT activities, Financials, Workforce towards top management and businesses, while continuously managing risks
  • Senior consultants with a deep understanding on improvement axis regarding steering and transformation of CIO office to improve IT efficiency

Thanks to this mixed skillset, we’re able to manage your steering process complexity as a whole:

  • We setup tactical solutions quickly improving transparency and steering capabilities
  • We identify and deploy long term solutions to streamline steering capabilities and teams’ agility

Alenia's touch

We bring a specific approach that delivers:

  • Quick benefits thanks to our tactical approach based on consolidated reports and standardized templates
  • Deeper reshape of your processes and tools to build a solid architecture allowing a consistent and fluid steering
  • An Agile approach, to decide at each step if you     want to pursue or if you have reached the level of maturity expected

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