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Oksana Biens
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Oksana Biens

Expert in data management and valorisation, passionate about new technologies to accelerate change.
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Today virtually nothing in an organization can be done without handling data in some shape or form. Whether it is for regulatory reporting, risk mitigation, operational efficiency or generating revenue, corporations are constrained to leverage their data assets. 

Our seasoned data professionals will accompany you on your journey to becoming data-centric, helping you avoid common pitfalls, achieve quick measurable results and promote a shift in organizational culture.

The average number of resources within data offices that we have set up for Tier 1 European banks, with 6 distinct data roles on average per client.
Number of users (CTOs and Operational teams) to whom we delivered data insights thanks to innovative technologies and AI.

Why a data offer?

Leadership teams, at all levels, need to make effective decisions based on data managed as a source of truth. Nevertheless, most often data is scattered across business silos with a plethora of IT systems, databases and warehouses, making it difficult to access and use, let alone guarantee its quality.

As a result, managing data is considered as a huge cost and is usually only performed to a minimum level necessary to satisfy regulatory requirements. But what if your data could start working for you? We strongly believe that data, when managed correctly, can help you enhance your processes, improve the quality of products and services that you deliver to your clients and generate revenue.

The key points of Alenia’s offer

Our objective is to empower you to make data-driven decisions, and create actionable insights to generate business value. In order to achieve that, we can accompany you in the following areas:

  • CDO advisory – move from a defensive to an offensive approach in terms of data governance, thus improving data design, data management and data quality and promoting a data-centric culture.
  • Data architecture – modernize your IT architecture; make it data-centric in order to break silos and optimize IT costs.
  • Data valorisation & innovation – leverage data assets thanks to cutting-edge technologies and analytical techniques to create new revenue streams.

Why Alenia?

  • We are experts delivering advisory services, with experience in operational roles and environments similar to yours.
  • We have a successful track record in setting up data-centric organizations and building innovative solutions in order to leverage data and harness value from it.
  • We are used to speaking with business and IT stakeholders and understand the importance of getting everyone onboard for a successful implementation of the data strategy.

Alenia's touch

  • We understand that each organization has a different way of managing data due to its specific context and history. We do not come with ready-made solutions and nice slides that go unheeded. We co-construct the target solution and the road to reach that target with you. We work with your operational teams to ensure buy-in and create momentum, while letting you benefit from the lessons we learned and our highly-specialized expertise.
  • We are agnostic of any technologies or methodologies and have a pragmatic view on data management and valorisation. We are not going to push a sexy tool just because everyone in the market is using it.
  • We look for proof of value more than a proof of concept. We like to tackle the pain points and the business cases with an emphasis on value. We first weigh the gains and efficiencies, which we leverage to construct the right solutions. We are as value-focused as you are.

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