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Vincent Gérard
Alenia's Referent

Vincent Gérard

Expert Testing and DevOps, but above all of getting Dev and Ops closer.
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For Alenia, the DevOps and SRE approaches are levers for improving quality and time to market of a business product. From craftsmanship, continuous integration and delivery with automatic testing up to production availability, performance and monitoring.

Reaching a significant impact implies a close collaboration with developers and ops (infra and applicative support).

1100 people transformed - including 300 support engineers.
695 applications transformed worldwide under the supervision of 12 support leaders and a 4 people Run Control Tower.

Why a Devops & SRE offer?

If you feel a wall of confusion between your IT department and the business, between developers and ops or if any new feature takes months to be available for your clients you probably need to focus on DevOps and SRE.

The key points of Alenia’s offer

An assessment which is both technical and organizational on several axis:

  • Craftmanship for a better sustainability of your applications
  • Testing to make sure your developers feel confident when they release new code in production
  • Continuous integration / continuous delivery to automate as much as possible and reduce your time to market
  • Run-oriented for a service fully available and efficient with pro-active monitoring

Why Alenia?

Alenia’s initial playground is Production. Our focus on quality and automation has led us to extend this expertise to DevOps since 2014 and SRE since 2019.

Based on these years of experience, we built strong convictions and a customized transformation framework.

The Alenia's touch

We are convinced the main success criteria of a DevOps and SRE transformation are the people, IT and business, before factory and tools.

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