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Aimery Duriez-Mise

Application support expert since 2002. Passionate about the subject, maybe a bit too much...
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We are the market Leader on Application Production expertise. We support you in upskilling and strengthening your IT production practices.

We will guide your teams towards new operating models, ways of working and technologies.

People directly trained
100% of French CIBs supported

Why an application production offer?

As IT Production experts, we know how crucial this function is to support your business in achieving its ambitions. As well as for the development teams to build the applications in a more optimized, qualitative and user-centric way.

Most recent transformations (agility, DevOps, microservice architecture, data) as well as new business constraints (efficiency requirements, users expectations, regulators requests) are leading to a need to review Production practices and operating models.

We strongly believe Application Production is a singular expertise and a showcase of your know-how, requiring the highest standards to maximize its value. Each IT organization should design a dedicated Application Production strategy based on the following 3 pillars:

  • Drive your run organization
  • Promote your teams
  • Professionalize your Run practices

The key points of Alenia’s offer

Secure and professionalize your production practices and reinvent these activities towards efficiency and innovative way of working.

Bring Production back into the game, at the core of the organization and the generation of value.

Develop dedicated production expertise. Mix cutting-edge practices and technologies, business understanding and IT architecture skills. After a first framing of your needs while understanding your context, we will be able to propose a time-boxed approach, managed in an agile way, engaging your key people into a step-up dynamic.

    Why Alenia?

    • We are the Banking and Insurance market leader on Applicative Production expertise
    • We have a successful track record in transforming most of the major european banks (BNP Paribas, Santander, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Natixis)
    • We already delivered 30+ successful diagnostic and transformation missions since 2019
    • More than 50% of Alenia resources are production experts, with an average of 10 years of experience in this field
    • We created the 1st and only blog on Application Production

    Alenia's touch

    • More than 40 Production experts, including 2 of the 3 founders. We understand your constraints and share your ambitions
    • We deliver Advisory operated by Experts used to environments similar as yours. We managed major production crises, had to manage the dev / ops wall of confusion, went through numerous transformations while managing the Production every single day of the year
    • We built a unique advisory methodology based on agility, expertise and empathy, delivering frequent value and transparency
    • Our approach mixes tactical actions and strategic ones, allow you to get quick wins results while achieving the mid and long term success
    • We understand and we take into account all the different layers of your IT organization
    • We benefit from an extended market knowledge and a wide network of CIOs and experts, providing you the ability to learn and share on your issued, success and ambitions

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