Data-driven IT Production
Oct. 13th, 2022 - 2.15 PM - Conference room 02
In a nutshell
Join us for a round table with guest speakers, who will present how they have integrated and optimized data to accelerate decision-making. We will have an interactive session to discuss the methods, tools and best practices for boosting your IT production management thanks to data. You will also get some practical advice to get you started with leveraging your data assets and to avoid common pitfalls.
The speakers
Laurent Demeestere
Laurent Demeestere
Machine Learning Engineer at Engie Digital
  • Laurent has 11 years of experience in data processing and analysis on various topics and sectors (energy, transport, industry).
  • For 2 years at Engie Digital, he has been responsible for the Data Science part of a Sustainability project, working closely with the CDO, business and design teams.
  • He puts his technical and statistical skills at the service of the company to transform and leverage data.
Guillaume Besson
Guillaume Besson
Strategy Manager at AI Builders
  • Guillaume is a Strategy Consulting Manager at AI Builders. He is involved in the definition of Data & AI master plans for several companies, particularly in the industrial sector and for the defense industry.
  • Guillaume also had the opportunity to advise several Chief Data Officers on the definition of their strategic vision, data governance framework and operating models
  • During his professional experience, Guillaume worked with several banks, particularly retail banks, on strategic and organizational issues
Nathalie Bouille
Nathalie Bouillé
Regional Director at Dynatrace
  • With over 25 years of experience in software solutions sales, Nathalie Bouillé now leads the team in charge of the Finance Retail and Transport sectors for Dynatrace France. She first addressed the APM (Application Performance Management) market and then the observability market.
  • In a context of digital transformation, the goal is to meet performance requirements, to deliver a better user experience, to allow the automation of IT operations and to rationalize monitoring solutions.
  • The observability of the IS (AI Powered) is at the heart of the quality and security concerns of CIOs.
Oksana Biens
Oksana Biens
Data Expert at Alenia
  • She has led and engaged in a wide range of data and technology-centric projects for large investment banks in Paris and London. Her international background allows her to integrate the best practices in her approach to data management.
  • She is dedicated to helping clients transform their data assets into a source of revenue and a differentiating factor.
  • With 11 years of experience in Financial Services, Oksana is a seasoned Data leader and transformation consultant.
The heart of the matter
The volume of data produced by IT systems, monitoring systems and ITSM is ever growing and increasingly challenging to process. All this data represents a precious source of insights awaiting to be exploited for improved operational efficiency, better decision-making and more stable IT Production.

Together with our guest speakers who have worked on data projects in various industries, we will share our vision of data-driven production, give concrete examples of successful data valorisation initiatives and discuss challenges that prevent companies from getting the most from their data.

We will cover in particular:
  • What benefits CIOs, IT teams and business users can get from Data-Driven     Production initiatives
  • How to leverage new methods to improve operational transparency
  • Concrete ways to generate value from your existing data sets
  • Ways to best automate application and infrastructure management
  • Adding AI/ML to your IT operations to grow with your business into the future
Our roundtable panel will discuss how to leverage data to drive decision-making using examples from the field. We will discuss how to go beyond the many fast-fixes currently in place to break silos, accelerate troubleshooting, optimize and even predict future failures and automate repetitive tasks to improve the user journey and bring back client satisfaction.
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!