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This was alenia
production tour 2022
Speakers, agenda, conference details... a look back at the first edition of the Alenia Production Tour, which took place on October 13, 2022.
Why we created
the Alenia Production Tour?
The Alenia Production Tour is the first and only event focused on IT Application Production!
We felt it was time to have an event focused on application Production, to connect, learn, share on Production trends, and innovate from latest technologies and ways of working.
We put together an exciting cocktail of networking opportunities, workshops, operational feedback, use cases on Production transformations and much more!
Speakers at the 2022 event included some of the world's leading experts in application Production
The Programme
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
Starter & Intro
2:15 pm
When IT Services and Production support business needs
A set of guidelines and best practices to maximise your business value through a service driven production.
Conference Room 1 - 45'
Take your IT Production to the next level thanks to data insights
How to break silos, connect data across your entire organisation and leverage it to improve the level of service you deliver to your teams.
Conference Room 2 - 45'
3:15 pm
And you thought you were monitoring your production!
Make your event logs really inform you about what is happening on your business value chain.
Conference Room 1 - 45'
Maximise the effectiveness of your support team!
Let's lay down common ideas and proven best practices to efficiently drive the performance of support teams through a human approach.
Conference Room 2 - 45'
4:15 pm
Is this the end of application support?
How SRE is the cornerstone in the middle of business, development and infrastructure to maximise the value offered to the clients.
Conference Room 1 - 45'
Taking control of your IT risk? Yes, you can.
How to formalise the decision process with all stakeholders, IT & business, to prioritise the mitigation actions based on the risk appetite and on the cost to remediate.
Conference Room 2 - 45'
5:00 pm
5:45 pm
Conference Closure
6:00 pm
The 2022 edition was one of the most interesting events on application production, so why not attend this year?
Brought to you by Alenia
We are the French leader in application Production. We've worked with some of France's biggest banks, as well as many players in other sectors. This gives us a clear vision of current and future challenges that we'd be delighted to share with you!
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