Is this the end of application support?
Oct. 13th, 2022 - 4.15 PM - Conference room 01
In a nutshell
Over the last 20 years, the world of IT in the enterprise has undergone a number of revolutions, both technical and organisational, including Agility, Devops and the Cloud. One might have thought that all this heralded the end of application support, is it the case?

The emergence and democratization of SRE shows that it didn't happen. We will show you how this role is now indispensable for managing application reliability at the crossroads of business and development.
The speakers
Raouf Aimeur
Raouf Aimeur
Principal Architect at Google Cloud
  • Raouf is a Principal Architect at Google Cloud in the finance sector. He supports his clients in their digital transformation thanks tocloud technologies.
  • With over 25 years of on-prem, cloud, infrastructure and application development experience, Raouf has a vision of evolving business needs and the technical and technological capabilities to meet them.
  • Raouf is involved in the development of SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) and its application within companies willing to evolve their agile practices.
Vincent Gérard
Vincent Gérard
SRE Specialist at Alenia
  • Vincent has more than 15 years of experience in IT in market finance, notably as production manager of the BtoB and BtoC platform of a CIB, which allowed him to put into practice the concepts of Agility and Devops in a demanding and technically advanced environment, and thus discover the power of SRE.
  • At Alenia, Vincent is involved in a number of missions to bring development, the business and operational teams closer together: implementation of SRE, management of DevOps transformation at the IT department level and transformation of operational models.
  • He is now the Alenia referent for SRE
The heart of the matter
The transition from an infrastructure view of application production to a business view can be complicated. However, it is a powerful lever to increase the quality standards of its IT services.

We will see with Raouf and Vincent :
  • What SRE brings to the table beyond Agile and DevOps
  • How SRE allows you to manage more and more applications with fewer people
  • How to reconcile innovation and stability while keeping technical debt under control
  • The different SRE practices
The whole will be illustrated by a feedback from an SRE team deployment.

The final objective will be for you to be able to project your own needs in terms of improving production management, and to understand how SRE can respond to your current problems.
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!