When IT Services
and Production support
business needs
Oct. 13th, 2022 - 2.15 PM - Conference room 01
In a nutshell
How practices within IT teams are shifting to answer the growing business needs and facing challenges?

“Business Service Level Agreements” approach will bring you concrete answers on how you could measure and drive efficiently your Production and level of IT services
The speakers
Sylvain Descamps
Sylvain Descamps
Market Risk Chain Owner at Natixis 
  • Sylvain has 18 years of experience in Global market IT, initially as a developer and then as Application Leader, Team Leader of development and business analyst team on Summit software on interest rate and credit derivatives in Natixis.
  • For the past 2 years he has been developing the Market Risk Chain Owner transversal role and he plays the missing link between Front office IT, Risk It and Risk users worldwide.
Jennifer Breval
Jennifer Breval
Instant Payments Application Manager at Société Générale
  • After 15 years spent in the IT Production department of Société Générale, as Application Support Manager and Client Relationship Manager on front office order placement and risk management applications, she joined the Instant Payment project for Western European companies.
  • She contributed to the Production Excellence program launched in 2019 in order to restore visibility to the production professions, and especially to those who are involved in them on a daily basis.
  • Conciliation, adaptability, transparency and understanding of business issues are key to establishing a relationship of trust with business teams.
Karim Lili
Karim Lili
IT Production Specialist at Alenia
  • Karim has 13 years of professional experience including 10 years in the CIB industry. Expert in IT production practices and IT operating model transformations.
  • He made the IT Support his major activity through a rich experience in different IT-Business support teams and production management among top French CIB banks.
  • His long experience as a Support Practice Leader and his perpetual interaction with Business users allowed him to master the best practices of the production, and to get a good understanding of Capital Markets and Structured Finance Business.
Sébastien Bellego
Sébastien Bellego
IT Production Specialist at Alenia
  • Sebastien has 13 years of professional experience as Deal Processing FIC and Equity Finance support manager in Montreal for the US, and as Client Relationship Manager on the Risk & Finance channels in Paris within Société Générale. IT production remains his main area of ​​expertise: management of support teams, crisis management and relations with business users.
  • He successfully led his missions thanks to his communication skills, his ability to adapt to varied contexts and to work under pressure and within short deadlines under the constraints of client needs.
What we'll discuss
What if driving your IT services from a business process perspective instead of an applicative one was THE right solution to improve your production and your clients’ satisfaction?

Sylvain Descamps, Market Risk Chain Owner within Natixis Global Markets and Jennifer Breval, Instant payments Manager (West. Europe) and former Client Relationship Manager at Société Générale CIB, will answer this question through a description of Business processes-oriented SLA implementation. They will share with us how they put in place concrete indicators measuring IT services and Production quality to comply with Business requirements.  

They will cover in particular:
  • Why do we need to ensure and measure the quality of IT services provided to business clients?
  • What are the benefits of a business-process driven production?
  • How to deploy and measure Business Service Level agreements on the field?
To demonstrate this, they will share their experience on a first Business SLA implementation within Natixis IT Market risks department, and a scaling implementation of BSLAs within Société Générale CIB.  

This presentation will help you assess your needs for a better client satisfaction and bring you concrete materials to implement this process within your teams, whether it is a CIB or another domain!
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!