Maximise the effectiveness of your support team!
Oct. 13th, 2022 - 3.15 PM - Conference room 02
In a nutshell
Join us for an engaging round table discussion with guest speakers from 3 different CIB banks.  They will share with us their vision of the major transformations that they are leading within their IT Production team, as well as some best practices and common ideas to efficiently drive the performance of support teams.

The session will be concluded with an open conversation of what application support can look like in the future.
The speakers
Zineb EL Kendouci
Zineb EL Kendouci
Head of Market Production at Bank of America
    Nicolas Bourgeois
    Nicolas Bourgeois
    Global CTO of BNP Securities Services
    Amaya Alberdi
    Amaya Alberdi
    Head of CIB Support Teams at Santander
    Imen Turki
    Imen Turki
    Production Expert at Alenia
    Skander Oueslati
    Skander Oueslati
    Production Expert at Alenia
    The heart of the matter
    Does your department get a bad reputation, is your hard work not appreciated, are you feeling underpaid for all the work you put in?  Application Support can be a thankless profession.  

    IT support is facing some biggest challenges:  
    • How could we maximize performance to address the ever-growing business needs, all while keeping the role engaging, fulfilling and in demand?
    • How can we adapt to new challenges, digital transformations and still keep up with the new business and regulatory requirements?
    With expert guest speakers coming from 3 different organisations and 3 different cultures, they will share their take on their current IT transformations.  They will discuss the pain points that the industry is facing today, as well as their vision of the future of Application Support.  

    We will cover in particular:
    • The Genesis of Application Support: Since the dawn of time
    • Why it's time to restore the glory of Production Support teams
    • The Operating Model & Organisation of 3 CIB banks
    • How to bring Support Team efficiency
    • A vision of IT teams of the future
    And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!