And you thought you were
monitoring your production!
Oct. 13th, 2022 - 2.15 PM - Conference room 01
In a nutshell
How have monitoring tools adapted to meet the challenge of the various changes in technologies, practices and business needs? A demo of tools allowing observability will provide some answers.
The speakers
Wilfried Villisek
Wilfried Villisek Faucounau
Devops / Ops / SRE Lead - Principal Engineer Société Générale  
  • Wilfried is a skilled and experienced Devops, OPS and SRE lead engineer focused on Business Value and Technological Strategy. He is used to work in Global Finance Companies.
  • During his experience in Ryanair he was exposed to the most visited airline website in the world.
  • He leads teams and projects on their infrastructure and Devops setup based on the problem statement and business requirements.
  • He also coaches people on public speaking within its organization.
Dimitris Finas
Dimitris Finas
Senior Technical Advisor Lightstep
  • Dimitris Finas is a senior technical advisor for Lightstep based out of EMEA south. Lightstep is a co-founder and contributor to the OpenTelemetry project.
  • In a past life, Dimitris was a DevOps architect and agile project director.
  • Dimitris is passionate about technology, early adopter and is eager to deliver the highest quality and business results through IT. He has previously spoken at Cloud Expo Europe, JBCN, CRIP Paris, and other tech events.
Matthieu Chavaroc
Matthieu Chavaroc
IT and Business Operations Specialist
  • He has been delivering value to banking industry clients for the past 15 years, whether it is from IT or business point of view, by leveraging on Emotional Intelligence applied to Agile principles.
  • He has been coaching senior bankers and Operations Managers on Cloud, Blockchain and Quantum technologies.
What we'll discuss
How has the transition from an IS based on monolithic applications to an architecture of microservices in the Cloud changed the principles and tools of monitoring?

Wilfried Villisek Faucounau, Principal Engineer Devops at Société Générale and Dimitris Finas, Senior Technical Advisor at Lightstep will answer this question through the evolution of monitoring and by presenting an example of implementation of observability in e-commerce via a demonstration of the Lightstep solution based on Open Telemetry.

They will cover in particular:
  • The evolution of monitoring principles and the rise in maturity of the associated operational management.
  • Why we now talk about observability and what it implies as a change in the way applications are designed and operated.
All of this will be illustrated through what integration solutions such as Open Telemetry and Lightstep can bring. These solutions will be put in situation through a real example of integration in an online retail solution.

The final objective will be for you to project your own needs through these demonstrations and to discuss the approach of an increase in power of your monitoring on your architectures, whether they are Cloud-native or not.
And rightly so! This conference promises to be exciting. Our event is by invitation only so request yours now as the number of seats is limited!