Banking projects

Banking Projects

Mariem Jilli
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Mariem Jlili

Structured Finance expert. Proven passion for Agility and its challenges.
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Our tribe offers a global approach to meeting the needs of banking business projects and cross-functional IT projects, with the emphasis on our expertise in finance: structured finance, securitisation, capital markets and regulatory issues.

Each member of the tribe is involved in developing clear strategies aligned with customer needs, product and service development, project management, project management consulting and change management.

100% of French banks assisted.
At least 50 investment banking specialists.

Why a banking projects offer?

For our expertise: as the banking sector is constantly evolving (new technologies, regulations and customer expectations), we help our customers implement solutions tailored to their objectives, particularly in terms of :

  • Structured Finance: complex corporate or project finance, including asset finance transactions, syndicated loans, structured project finance, etc.
  • Securitisation: identifying suitable assets for securitisation, structuring the transaction, assessing the risks and potential returns and complying with regulatory and accounting requirements when setting up these transactions.
  • Capital markets: supporting our customers with all their needs and products related to market activities, such as the development and maintenance of trading applications, market access, tools for getting deals off the market, position management, risk calculation and PNL.

For our efficiency:

  • By improving operational efficiency through the automation of manual tasks, the definition of the project methodology (Agile Scrum, Prince 2, Safe) best suited to your programme and your organisation, and support for teams in acculturation.
  • Sharing the project's progress and vision: by supporting and fostering the teams and by encouraging sponsors' initiatives
  • By structuring the project: setting up effective business cases, prioritising work, managing risks properly, etc.
  • Preparing and supporting change: to ensure that the expected benefits are realised and that value is created.

Because in our team, everyone is a player, both in their own career and in the development of the tribe:

  • Recruitment: Do you enjoy recruiting? You'll have the opportunity to get involved in identifying talented people who are keen to join us. We are also responsible for integrating new tribe members, developing training programmes and improving the corporate culture.
  • Development: Do you want to develop the tribe? You'll have the opportunity to get involved in developing and maintaining strong commercial relationships with our customers and partners. This involves identifying new business opportunities, negotiating contracts, managing relationships with existing customers, and ensuring targets are met.

The key points of Alenia’s offer

  • Functional specialists with expertise in structured finance, securitisation and market activities.
  • Experts in cross-functional IT project management, bringing methodology, pragmatism and efficiency to the success of your projects.
  • Our ability to adapt according to needs and context, and to listen to business and IT contacts to guarantee the success of projects.

Why Alenia?

Our team is made up of experts with experience of framing, steering and managing change, as well as functional expertise in the business:

  • Analyzing and adapting to each environment in order to provide solutions that meet the needs
  • Putting value creation at the heart of project implementation
  • Define and set achievable objectives with a roadmap
  • Guaranteeing deadlines and budgets
  • Manage iterative execution
  • Leading change using innovative graphic facilitation tools

We rely on the following key roles:

  • Our project managers and POs have the advanced expertise needed to manage projects in the best possible conditions
  • Our senior BAs have all the functional knowledge needed to fully understand the field in which the product is being developed.
  • Our junior profiles (BA, QA, PO) are supported to ensure a rapid rise in skills and the acquisition of unparalleled business knowledge.

Alenia's touch

As a customer

  • We bring you real expertise because each one of us has worked in environments similar to yours.
  • We adapt our working methods to your specific needs.

As an employee

  • Everyone is a player in their own career and in the development of the tribe.

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